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Team Lendtech By Team Lendtech • May 8, 2018

The LendTech Origin Story: a Q&A with Founder + CEO Amir Khan

How did you first become involved in the Fintech industry?

I was born and raised in Agra, a small city in India. After moving to the United States to study finance, I began my career in consulting and eventually my passion for emerging technology lead me to the field of cyber security. It was during my time working in cyber security that I began to see some troubling rips in the seams of cloud-based storage and digital banking infrastructures. It occurred to me that I might be uniquely suited to make a meaningful contribution to the online security landscape by producing technology that would equip financial institutions for a new dawn of banking.

What inspired you to create LendTech?

The initial concept for LendTech came to me when I applied for my very first loan. The experience felt not only inefficient (it took hours), but extremely frustrating from a customer perspective. It quickly became self-evident to me that this problem needed to be fixed, and that I could apply my background in cyber security to helping financial institutions successfully embrace the 21st century with digital loan application tools. After delving deeper into research and speaking to many commercial loan industry leaders, I quickly discovered that digitizing the loan application process was a massive pain point for lenders of all stripes. I knew something had to be done.

How did you go about building the LendTech team?

When I sought to build out the right team to launch LendTech with, I knew I had to find people who embodied the belief that hard work equals success, hours equals results, and that there are no shortcuts. When it comes to serving financial institutions and their customers with secure and compliant tools, there is little room for error. Right now we are an ambitious team of 20 employees and trusted advisors with an eclectic mix of expertise ranging from banking, cyber security, data science, design, business development, and mortgage consulting.

What’s next for LendTech?

In the months ahead, we’ll expand our team with new faces who share our passion for writing the next chapter of digital evolution in commercial lending and compliant security. As our team grows, we will evolve our software with new functionalities and even greater efficiencies to meet the needs for all modern lenders and borrowers, regardless of what type of loan is at stake.

Since starting the company in 2016, Amir Khan has successfully integrated LendTech technology for private lenders, small banks, and prominent bank officers nationwide. You can reach him on LinkedIn.